Wear It Pink day, 1 October, is the day where people across 70 countries celebrate the fight against breast cancer, the disease that physically only affects women but causes a lot of drama for society as a whole. Too many women only take action or see a doctor when the disease is already in an advanced state. The average deaths caused by breast cancer are 30 times higher in Romania than the rest of the EU. Statistics also show that there are around 9 000 cases of women suffering from breast cancer in Romania and 3 000 of them lose their lives.

We believe that measures should be taken to raise awareness and educate the population on such a high number of deaths caused by this disease. We also believe that measures should be taken as soon as possible because more and more women are diagnosed with breast cancer every day and many of them lose their lives because of this ruthless disease.

What are the tools that the Commission has at its disposal to increase citizens’ awareness of the importance of regular checks to detect and treat these problems on time?