The explorations carried out by the company OMV Petrom in 2012 revealed an enormous gas deposit off the Romanian coast of the Black Sea and, in 2014, an oil deposit was found near the shore, which was the most important discovery made in Romania in the last 10 years.

In the conditions in which Romania produces most of the gas it consumes and only imports less than 20% from Russia, and trust in this import is questioned every day, new offshore deposits may prove vital as an alternative to Russian gas. Moreover, Russia announced it will abandon the South Stream project, and the EU wants to support an alternative pipeline through Turkey which would guarantee the supply to Central and Eastern Europe. However, should Moscow decide to close the tap today, Romania would only be able to supply its neighbours to a small extent because its network is not yet fully equipped with reverse flow systems and transnational connections, as different rules apply.

Given the above, what measures can the Commission take to harmonise these rules and to overcome legislative barriers, so that Romania’s and the EU’s energy security may be safeguarded in the long term?