Swine and poultry breeder associations in Romania are dissatisfied with the fact that Romania decided not to introduce Measure 14 — Animal Welfare (M14) in the national Rural Development Programme (Programul Național pentru Dezvoltare Rurală — PNDR) 2014-2020. The associations’ representatives requested the Ministry of Agriculture to present its point of view regarding the reasons why this support was not requested, but the Ministry failed to provide any concrete reply.

So far, under Measure 215 — Animal Welfare (M215) included in the PNDR 2007-2013, Romania received payments amounting to EUR 145.5 million out of a total of EUR 369 762 million allocated, with further payments to be made until the end of the programming period.

Given that, in order to access the animal welfare support measure (M215), Romanian farmers had to make major investments in order to meet the required eligibility conditions, and taking into account the fact that the embargo imposed on Russia affected directly and severely the Romanian meat market, I am asking you to provide the following clarifications:

What was the initial proposal sent by Romania regarding Measure 14 and what was the budget requested?

What arguments were invoked by the Romanian Government for abandoning this measure?

Does the Romanian Government have the possibility to reconsider its decision before the new PNDR enters into force?