I was born in Românaș, Sălaj county, in a modest family with faith in God and respect to other people.The education that I received in my early years, that was deeply marked by the christian values, guides me daily in both my professional and personal activity.

I spent my childhood in my native village, alongside my brothers and parents. I studied for both secondary coursed and highschool in Sălaj, so that furthermore to move to Cluj to follow the universitarian studies in some of the most prestigious institutions. I am a graduate of the Zootechnical Faculty from the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, the Faculty of Law, from the Babes-Bolyai University and I became a Doctor in Philosophy at the same university. Everything that I learned from the prestigious teachers I try to send furthermore today from my position as a university lecturer at the Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences from the Babes-Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca.

My professional career was outlined by these two professional levels: the teaching and legal activities. The legal studies became more objectified when being admited in Cluj's Bar and, later on, in the National Union of Public Notaries. My practical activity in the legal department had represented a real support in my 8 years of parliamentary activity.

My daily activity is guided by a set of specific principles: initiative, perseverence, honesty, discipline, responsibility, order and coordination. I am a man of facts and less words, that is why I chesrish and I have besides me people that also respect these things.

As for politics, I got involved firstly as a counselor in the Local Council of Cluj-Napoca, in June 2004, after which I became a deputy in the Romanian Parliament where I had by turn very important offices: President of the Judicial Commission of discipline and immunity; President of the Common Commission, of the Deputy Chambers and the Senat in order to elaborate the legislative proposals to review the Romanian Constitution; the President of the Special Common Commission to debate in urgent procedure the Criminal Code, the Procedure Criminal Code, the Civil Code and the Civil Procedure Code.

All these functions meant an enormous responsibility, but I can say that I completed them with maximum responsibility. I am proud that the proces of reforming and modernization of the judicial system from Romania started under my direct coordination. Adopting the four Judicial Codes (Civil Code, Criminal Code, the Procedure Crimminal Code and the Procedure Civil Code) represent a real progress for Romania.