The ban on the sale of live animals (with the exception of animals intended for direct slaughter or processing following immediate slaughter) that has been introduced in Romania in response to bluetongue disease will have extremely serious repercussions in the coming months and will also affect several different Member States.

This measure represents a serious blow for farmers and will affect not only livestock breeders but the majority of farmers with average farms.

It has caused complete market upheaval and blocked cattle stocks, and this will have a significant influence on beef prices.

Moreover, the closure of the Russian market has also had repercussions on other countries. The losses suffered by farmers in Poland, for example, are being felt in neighbouring countries, since products that could not be exported to Russia are arriving in other Member States at dumping prices.

1. What is the Commission’s position on this matter and what action has it taken?

2. Does the Commission believe that farmers should be granted emergency financial aid, or should a compensatory measure be introduced to lessen the impact of this crisis?