Burdening dairy farmers with new redundant bureaucratic procedures

The current government proposed the introduction of new regulations which impose new bureaucratic, financial and logistical burdens on dairy farmers. In accordance with the Draft Law on Milk and Dairy Products, a Milk Registry will be created and producers, processors and distributors will be required to register themselves with this registry. Representatives of the Romanian Association of Milk Industry Owners (APRIL) highlighted major issues that may arise from the introduction of the new regulations.

Current legislation provides a clear understanding of the conditions and requirements that producers and economic operators have to meet to carry out food production activities for human consumption. At EU level, no Member State has required that such supplementary formalities are met. The negative consequences of creating the Milk Registry are many and will deeply affect farmers, consumers and the whole dairy sector. The introduction of outdated formalities and procedures, which do not comply with EU and national law, would therefore cause a decline in the business environment’s interest in investing in the food industry and a lower absorption rate of European funds.

What is the Commission’s position on the creation of the Milk Registry?