Child benefit for Romanian children in Austria

The recent statements by Austrian Foreign Minister, Sebastian Kurz, and Austrian Family Minister, Sophie Karmasin, according to which Austria should not grant child benefit for Romanian children at the same level as for Austrian children, but instead should establish such child benefit at the level that is paid in Romania, are discriminatory against the entire Romanian people, and in particular against the Romanians who legally live and work in Austria. It is inadmissible that such discriminatory measures be taken in a European country and that European citizens be subject to them. Discussing such a hypothesis endangers the essence of the European Union, as it affects the fundamental principles of its functioning. Child benefit is not a right, but rather an obligation of the state where the parents legally live and work.

I request the Commission to immediately take a stance regarding these intentions which are contrary to the principles on the functioning of the European Union and, also, to communicate to us what measures it intends to take.