Compliance of the German provisions on the minimum wage with European law

According to the German law which came into force on 1 January 2015, the minimum wage for an employee active in the territory of Germany cannot be less than EUR 8.50 per hour. This applies not only to the residents of the Germany but also to the employees of employers residing outside of Germany, for example hauliers who must cross German territory and are employed by a non-resident employer. According to the aforementioned act, the registration documents required from employers of this type have to be lodged before the German authorities well in advance and exclusively via a Germany-based subsidiary company or by an official representative resident in Germany. This causes extra costs and administrative burden for employers from other Member States.

Does the Commission consider this act to be in accordance with the acquis communautaire? Which provisions of European law might be affected and when is the Commission going to align this situation with European law?