In the contemporary economic, political and social context, the Romanian society can face various internal crisis situations at any time. Crises are forms of manifestation of discontent, of contradictions of various kinds, as well as the expression of the interest of internal or external circles or groups to reach certain objectives by provoking such situations. As such, internal crises cannot be looked at superficially, they cannot be ignored or analysed unilaterally or sequence by sequence. The diagnosis and prognosis instruments that are available to us are not sufficiently developed yet, and the management system does not cover the entire spectrum of possible internal crises, which generates a certain vulnerability to these phenomena. The avoidance of ineffectiveness in the actions of public order forces, the elimination of the attempts to transfer or decline jurisdiction, the elimination of jurisdiction conflicts and of the confusion between the duties of the various structures with responsibilities in the field of national defence, the elimination of inconsistencies regarding the design of solutions for internal crises, as well as of the current overlapping and parallelism could help the Romanian society better manage internal crises.

Does the Commission have instruments in order to determine Romania to put in place a functional internal crisis management system?