Decision by the Russian Federation to ban imports of cattle, beef and derived products from Romania

Russia joined the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in October 2012 following 18 years of accession negotiations. The EU Member States, including Romania, expressed the hope that Russia would cease to apply its arbitrary, not to say hostile, measures regarding trade in agricultural products.

However, far from doing so, it continued to follow aggressive trading policies in this sector, announcing last year a ban on imports of meat from Germany and then on imports of potatoes from the European Union.

It went on to extend these restrictions on spurious health grounds, banning imports of cattle, beef and derived products from Romania, despite the fact that the risk of mad cow disease in that country had recently been classified as negligible by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

In view of the possible implications of this for all the Member States:

What view does the Commission take of the suspension of trade in livestock and meat?

What measures has it taken with a view to resolving the problem as soon as possible?

What are its recommendations to the Member States affected by this artificially generated crisis affecting meat exports?