Romanian authorities have discovered one tonne of liquid egg yolk contaminated by Fipronil, a highly toxic chemical substance, which can cause neurological disorders and vomiting. Nine other European countries are facing this issue, among which Great Britain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Denmark.

The French Ministry of Agriculture has recently identified a new toxic insecticide in the marketed eggs. It is called Amitraz, a substance that is not authorised and is considered toxic. According to this institution, Amitraz was not used directly in contact with hens, but as a disinfectant ‘in the cleaning period’, after the poultry left at the end of production and before the arrival of a new batch of hens.

Taking into account the magnitude of this scandal and the danger represented by these substances for European consumers, what is the leverage which the Commission is able to use in order to block the egg contamination crisis?