The beekeeping community in Romania is extremely concerned about two significant threats that are destroying both Romanian beekeeping and beekeeping in other EU countries. These are the small hive beetle (Aethina tumida) and the Asian hornet (Vespa velutina). The small hive beetle, which is native to Africa and has already been found in Romania and Italy, is now spreading to France and Germany. Two or three adult females are capable of producing an infestation that can cause the loss of an entire colony of bees. The beetle larvae feed on honey, pollen, wax and bee broods. The most accessible way of eradicating this pest once it has become established in a hive is to destroy and burn infested hives or to freeze the hives and their contents.

Does the Commission have an action plan to isolate and halt the spread of these two species of insect?

How can the Commission support producers in the beekeeping sector who suffer losses owing to the spread of these two species of insect?