Recent studies show that approximately 22 million tonnes of food are wasted annually in the European Union, while 925 million people around the world are exposed to the risk of malnutrition. This food waste is encountered in particular at the level of households, but 39% of it is caused by producers, 5% by retailers, and 14% by the catering sector. The research conducted indicates that, for over 60% of the food disposed of in households this waste may be avoided.

In Romania, over 1.7 million tonnes of food are thrown away each year, and 50% of the food is lost at the time of production and prior to consumption, as estimated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

However, a systemic strategy, adapted for each Member State, is needed in order to lower food waste.

Taking into account the above, is the Commission considering setting up mechanisms in order to avoid food waste and make such food available to people who are on the verge of undernourishment?