How thermal spring water is going down the drain, and millions of lei with it, owing to a lack of interest

In theory, Romania has great potential to generate geothermal energy, being the third most abundant country in Europe in this respect, after Greece and Italy. In practice, just one town in the whole country — Beiuș — relies completely on this type of energy to heat homes and has big plans to become a genuine environment‐friendly geothermal centre.

The village of Baba Novac provides a tangible example of geothermal water not being used. Under that village and neighbouring villages there lies an unexploited thermal spring unique of its kind.

These resources are located in the west of Romania (Bihor, Banat Apuseni Mountains), investing the whole area with green potential, but as yet investment has not been forthcoming. The cost of exploratory surveys and drilling is a constraint on any green planning.

What instruments does the Commission have at its disposal to support the exploitation of thermal springs in the Member States?