Human capital quality, neglected by national authorities

Health and education should be investment priorities for every state that wants to become competitive and support the continuous development of their citizens. Unfortunately, Romania is ranked last place among Member States in terms of the new World Bank’s Human Capital Index. Romania is now 67th in this ranking, which means that urgent action is required in order to improve performance in the fields of both education and healthcare.

During the last five years, the human capital quality has decreased considerably and statistics show that, in Romania, a child now only enjoys 8.8 schooling years, which suggests a schooling gap of 3.4 years, the highest gap in the EU. Similarly, the percentage of people currently aged 15 who will survive beyond the age of 60 is only 87%, compared to, for example, 91% in Croatia and 95% Sweden.

What tools does the Commission have to increase competitiveness by improving the results in the fields of healthcare and education?