In Romania, educational expenditure is extremely low compared to that in other European Member States

According to the data supplied by the EU’s Statistical Office, Romania ranks among the bottom Member States when it comes to per capita expenditure for education. Thus, our country allocated only EUR 248 per person for education in 2015. These funds are infinitesimal compared to the European average of EUR 1 400.

Romania also ranks among the bottom Member States when it comes to the percentage of gross domestic product dedicated to education. Only 3.1% of GDP was directed to the education system in 2015, while the European average was 4.9% of GDP.

Member States considered education to be one of the most important areas for government expenditure, while, in Romania, this sector played a secondary role on the public agenda. This prioritisation is not justified given the multiple problems in Romania’s education system, as well as the problem of labour market integration for graduates.

What are the Commission’s recommendations for the Romanian authorities to ensure a budget balance in order to address the problems in the education system?