Increase in excise duty in Romania adversely affecting the transport industry and the economy as a whole

There have been three fuel price hikes in recent weeks, the last of which was an increase of 20 bani (4 euro cents). These have come against the backdrop of an increase in the price of the barrel. At the same time, experts believe that the introduction of additional excise duty has had a major impact on these price hikes. There are also set to be further increases in excise duty on 15 September and 1 October.

The National Union of Romanian Employers has expressed concern at these upcoming increases in excise duty, as they will lead to significant rises in the prices of all goods and services. Representatives of the transport industry have indicated that they will have to increase travel fares. Similarly, in the medium and long term, the increase in excise duties on fuel will have an adverse impact on businesses, which will be in danger of losing existing customers but also at risk of having to lay off workers.

What is the Commission’s view on the impact of excise duty increases on the transport industry in Romania, and on the economy as a whole?