Labour crisis in the agricultural and livestock sector

Representatives of the Association of Breeders and Exporters of Cattle, Sheep and Pigs in Romania draw attention to the problems arising from the lack of skilled and unskilled labour in the animal husbandry sector. In recent years there has been an alarming fall in the number of people working in animal husbandry, and the situation has deteriorated over the last two years. Operatives in this sector tend to find work in other countries, and some of them have decided to stop working altogether, preferring to receive an unemployment allowance.

Thus the financial loss amounts to approximately EUR 21 600 per 100 workers each month due to the labour crisis. One solution would be to employ workers from third countries, but this procedure takes over four months and is therefore burdensome. As a result, the productivity and competitiveness of farmers is jeopardised by this situation, and although some livestock breeders have the latest technology, it is not used because of the labour crisis.

What recommendations will the Commission make to the Romanian authorities, aimed at finding a solution to the labour crisis in animal husbandry?