Farmers could get their products to market more easily, in particular to supermarkets, if they joined forces and considered processing. In practice, by forming cooperatives, farmers would have access to processing plants, abattoirs, vegetable and fruit storage facilities and food conservation factories. An integrated production system helps to reduce prices, so the products of Romanian farmers could be enhanced throughout the year, not just when products are in season. Some of the vegetables produced in Romania reach the shelves of the large supermarkets, but vegetables can also be processed. The lack of processing units in Romania has caused serious problems for a considerable period of time, because farmers were throwing away their produce as it had gone off. The main objective is to promote Romanian products on both the domestic and international markets, with the help of an integrated production management system.

What pressure can the Commission exert to deliver a plan to promote Romanian products on the domestic and international markets, based on an integrated production management system?