Sheep farmers in Romania have reported there to be an acute problem with a lack of slaughterhouses. With more slaughterhouses, sheep farmers could optimise their sheep for meat production and consumers could rest assured that high food stafety standards were being observed.

Sheep farmers plan to set up a working group to pinpoint sources of funding for opening such slaughterhouses. The average cost of this would be around EUR 60 000, which is more than they can afford at the moment. The slaughterhouses would have to have veterinary authorisations and would operate alongside animal fairs and markets.

The livestock sector is currently experiencing difficulties owing to the dramatic fall in the number of livestock breeders. At the same time, only very small grants are being accorded at national level for livestock farms, and very few livestock farmers are eligible for coupled support in comparison to other types of farmer.

What tools does the Commission have at its disposal to support the development of slaughterhouses in this case?