According to data published by the National Statistics Office (INS), Romania imported 17 083 tonnes of raw milk in January 2018, equivalent to a rise of 17.2% on January 2017 and a 10.5% rise on December 2017. These figures are a source of concern for Romanian milk producers, in particular because farmers are finding it difficult to sell their milk and need support in identifying sales outlets.

There are many problems in this sector, starting from the fact that the price of a litre of milk is lower than the price of a litre of mineral water. The situation is particularly worrying because Romanian milk production plants have had to reduce their volumes as a result of high production costs, traders who prefer to buy imported milk at lower prices and, last but not least, consumers who do not promote consumption of domestic products.

What action can the Commission take to encourage consumers to buy milk from their own country and not imported milk, which would help domestic farmers?