Livestock farmers blame supermarkets for unjustified rise in meat prices

The Association of Cattle, Sheep and Swine Breeders and Exporters (ACEBOP) blames large chain stores for raising the price of meat. According to ACEBOP, the price of poultry and pork at the farm gate has dropped by 30% compared to 2016, but supermarkets sell at higher prices to maximise their profits.

The rise in food prices has been a much-discussed topic in recent days, both in the media and among Romanian producers. Large chain stores, which are part of large international corporations, often have commercial practices that are hostile to Romanian consumers. They have only one goal: maximising profits.

These ‘games’ played by large retail chains will lead to a fall in consumption and the worsening of farmers’ problems.

Given the economic importance of this problem, how can the Commission intervene to help solve this crisis affecting farmers?