Mandatory labelling of the origin of dairy products

Currently, product labels inform consumers about the producer and not the country of origin of milk. According to statistics published by the Competition Council, only 63% of consumer dairy products sold at supermarkets and hypermarkets are Romanian, with 36% being imported from other EU Member States and 1% from third countries. However, although the label on milk packages reads ‘Produced in Romania’, this does not mean that it comes from Romanian cows but rather that it was packaged in Romania.

In general, people are misled by the use of the term ‘cow’s milk’ or ‘real milk’, as the product the term refers to does not come directly from dairy cows. In most cases, fresh consumer milk is a milk powder mix with very low nutritional value.

According to data published by Eurostat, only 22% of the milk produced by Romanian farmers is processed at local factories, while the European average exceeds 90%.

What does the Commission propose with regard to the mandatory labelling of the origin of products without creating additional burdens for the industry and the authorities?