Methods of flavouring smoked meats for retail

At least two concerns arise in respect of most smoked meat products retailed in supermarkets. Generally speaking, the meat is not smoked naturally but injected with smoke flavouring or left to soak in liquid smoke. Furthermore, consumers are not being fully informed of this.

While EC law does not prohibit the use of flavourings, producers and retailers are required to inform consumers about the methods used to achieve the smoky flavour. Regulations oblige manufacturers to indicate on the label the type of processing used without necessarily going into detail. However, this labelling information is hard to locate and comprehend. As a result, consumers may select a product without having all the necessary information as to whether their requirements in terms of quality are being met.

In view of this:

Would the Commission be in favour of prohibiting such artificial smoked meat flavourings in order to protect consumer health more effectively?

What instruments does it have at its disposal for the introduction of mandatory provisions regarding comprehensive information for consumers purchasing smoked meats?