Mobilisation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund for Hunedoara Energy Complex layoffs

The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund plays a vital role in supporting workers affected by structural shifts in global trading. Representatives of the Hunedoara Energy Complex have announced that they will lay off 1 086 staff in December 2017.

These redundancies are due to high levels of financial losses. The precarious financial situation is caused by the economic conditions affecting the company’s operations, as electricity is sold at free market prices. The Hunedoara complex uses the most expensive fuel in a competitive energy market, where the sale price has fallen in the renewable energy sector.

If the fund were mobilised, workers could be given various forms of assistance to re-enter the employment market, such as: professional guidance, assistance in looking for jobs, integrated training, job-seekers’ allowances and training support. In view of this:

To what extent does the Commission consider that Romania will be able to seek European Globalisation Adjustment Fund assistance for Hunedoara Energy Complex workers made redundant?

Has any action been taken to support the workers made redundant at the Hunedoara Energy Complex?