Monsanto obliged to pay USD 289 million in moral damages to a cancer-stricken farmer

A few weeks ago, in San Francisco, a farmer won a lawsuit against Monsanto corporation, after claiming that the company’s products were carcinogenic. The farmer won the lawsuit and expects to receive USD 289 million in moral damages from Monsanto as compensation. There are, in fact, around 5 000 similar cases ongoing in the United States. Cases of cancer linked to the use of fertilisers and herbicides in the EU should also be identified.

It seems that in the wake of the case in the United States, internal documents have emerged which prove that Monsanto was aware of the negative effects their products can have on citizens’ health, and in particular Roundup, which is widely used, including in Romania.

What is the Commission’s position on the effects of Monsanto products on citizens’ health, and what tools does it have at its disposal to protect the health of EU citizens?