Ports endangered by failure to dredge the Danube

In the absence of clear instructions from the authorities, it has not been possible to dredge the Danube waterways, leaving farmers no choice but to transport their crops by road and rail.

For farmers in the south of the country, the waterways provide the most economical means of marketing their products. The absence of any alternative to the Danube waterways for the transport of their crops is forcing farmers to opt for more expensive options, resulting in alarming losses, particularly in view of the derisory amounts they receive from wholesalers for their produce.

I have asked the Minister for Transport to speed up proceedings for dredging the Danube waterways, given that Member States are able to invest up to EUR 150 million for maritime ports and up to EUR 50 million for internal ports. Despite this, the dredging of the Danube remains an unsolved problem resulting in extremely high losses.

Given that dredging is essential to ensure access to waterways, what instruments does the Commission have at its disposal to ensure that Romania takes the necessary action regarding the Danube?