In a meeting of the European Confederation of Maize Production, the Association of the Romanian Maize Producers raised the main problem that they are facing, which is the existence of plant protection products.

Maize producers are concerned that agricultural inputs are increasingly harder to come by. Without them, it is impossible for producers to obtain the same quantities of maize and comply with the same European quality standards. Glyphosate-based herbicides are also a subject of great interest for producers, given that the volume of weeds in the agricultural crops has increased, and producers need glyphosate-based products to get rid of weeds and ensure that soil is ideal for crops.

According to the latest reports presented, the use of glyphosate in the world has increased by a factor of 260 in the last 40 years, and the systemic herbicide glyphosate has the highest volume of production of any systemic herbicide in the world. Research has proven the negative impact of glyphosate on human health.

What tools does the Commission have to enable maize producers to maintain the same quantities of production but at the same time comply with quality standards?