Romania is facing a lack of skilled workers

Romania is facing a lack of skilled workers. Statistically speaking, 75% of Romanian employers have difficulties filling vacancies because they cannot find workers with specialist skills, according to research by the Manpower Group.

The jobs that are increasingly hard to fill are highly skilled ones, followed by production workers, engineers and operators. 72% of Romanian employers complain that they are not able to fill vacancies, as there are no longer any skilled workers in the labour market. The research shows that employers also have difficulty finding sales staff, drivers, managers and specialist hotel and restaurant staff. Educational specialists believe that Romania is in this critical situation because there is a lack of training facilities for young people.

On the other hand, this crisis is caused by the increasing trend of young people emigrating, attracted by good pay elsewhere, which has led to a serious lack of skilled workers. In 2017, 36 000 people left Romania and 14 500 high school students said they planned to leave.

What action can the Commission take to tackle the lack of workers in the Romanian labour market?