Romanian farmers rank last in terms of productivity across the EU

In spite of Romania’s great agricultural potential, our country has one of the lowest performing food sectors in Europe. Representatives of the Cattle, Sheep and Pig Breeders and Exporters Association pointed out that Romanian farmers rank last among Member States as regards agricultural profitability criteria.

Although Romania has great agricultural potential compared with most European Member States, Romania is one of the worst at harnessing this potential. As a result, 70% of the food consumed in our country is imported from other Member States.

Specialist associations recommend that Romania should implement the European style of increasing productivity. Therefore, the most appropriate solution to get higher productivity would be to develop breeding farms, so that Romanian holdings are no longer dependent on imported genetics.

Most Member States have been focusing on developing breeding programmes for three decades now, investing constantly in agriculture.

What support can the Commission give to support the development of breeding farms in Romania?