Romanian sheep herds endangered by the lack of laboratories for the scrapie genotyping of rams

Romanian sheep breeders are currently faced with problems arising from the absence of a molecular genetic laboratory for the eradication of scrapie. A number of outbreaks of classical scrapie have been reported and absence of a laboratory for the scrapie genotyping of rams leaves sheep populations even more vulnerable to the disease.

The provision of such a laboratory would, over time, improve the chances of eradicating the disease. Imports of certain special sheep breeds have resulted in significantly greater returns for breeders from the resulting hybrids. However, failure to take the precautions necessary when importing the sheep to prevent the occurrence and spread of disease has increased the incidence of scrapie. A molecular genetic laboratory for the genotyping of sheep is therefore urgently necessary.

In view of this:

What instruments does the Commission have at its disposal for the funding of laboratories for the genotyping of rams?