Romanian textile industry sheds one-quarter of its total workforce

The rise of the Asian markets and the financial crisis have led to massive restructuring of textile, clothing and footwear sector, resulting in around 77 000 job losses from 2008 up to by the end of last year amounting to approximately one-quarter of the total workforce in the tailoring and dressmaking professions. Over the same period, pay levels for the remaining 220 000 employees rose by almost 80%, gradually approaching the norm, although last year average gross earnings in this sector, amounting to RON 1 610, remained 30% below the national average. In Romania tailoring and dressmaking are among the lowest paid professions, despite the fact that the textile sector generates EUR 5-6 billion in export earnings, putting it in third place after the automotive and transport industries.

Is the Commission in a position to provide financial assistance for the reinstatement those made redundant in this sector?

How can the Commission help Romania increase average pay levels in what is, after all, its third-largest export industry?