Sheep and goat farmers object to the law on hunting

Sheep and goat farmers have again complained that their private property rights are being infringed. Under the new provisions of the law on hunting, which was amended in July 2015, livestock grazing is not permitted on farmland in the period 6 December to 24 April. In practice, this provision prohibits landowners from putting their livestock to pasture, but also from harvesting their crops if these are favoured by game.

Another provision prohibits livestock farmers from protecting their property (flocks/herds or crops) with more than two dogs, in order not to scare away game. The law does not, however, take into account the fact that wild animals cause enormous losses to livestock farmers, who receive no compensation for those losses, which they have to meet out of their own pockets.

Another complaint aired by livestock farmers and landowners is that land leasing charges are collected by the local council and not the land owner, and no VAT is paid.

What steps does the Commission consider should be taken to help protect livestock and the other assets of livestock farmers?