Sugar sector in Romania and the EU undergoes an unprecedented crisis

During the discussions with representatives of sugar sector employers in Romania, they informed me about the challenges of the sugar sector at national and European level. Sugar beet farmers and producers in this field are seriously affected by the present situation of white sugar prices, which have reached historically low levels, generating alarming losses for sugar producers.

According to the latest data, in March 2018, the average rate decreased to EUR 376/tonne, much under the reference price of EUR 404/tonne. Producers and farmers cannot support this price level, as the sugar sector faces important losses which can lead to the producers’ bankruptcy.

Thus, in Romania, out of thirty three sugar beet factories in 1990, only three are still working, namely those from Luduș, Bod and Roman. Beet sugar is one of the few products that ensures the entire supply chain, generating added value.

What action can the Commission take to establish protective measures for the EU’s sugar producers in order to balance the market?