In 2014, dairy farmers received RON 455 per head of livestock and RON 92 per tonne of milk in response to their 2013 subsidy applications. These subsidies are to be progressively reduced and will, by 2020, be down to 50% of what they were in 2013.

From these amounts, dairy farmers are required to pay various taxes, as well as purchasing fodder, etc. Furthermore, subsidies for 2013 were paid by the Romanian agricultural funding and support agency, the APIA, in 2014, while farmers were required to pay taxes on their 2013 income the same year. Added to this, the price of milk has fallen steeply (RON 0.8-1.1 per litre).

What financial instruments does the Commission have available to assist dairy farmers?

What recommendations will the Commission make to Romanian ministry officials regarding support for dairy farmers?