The African swine flu epidemic could jeopardise Romanian maize exports

The impact of African swine flu is being felt not only by pig breeders, but also by maize growers. Farmers are concerned that Romanian maize exports will be affected by this epidemic. If maize exports are restricted, Romanian farmers will suffer very serious consequences, especially as the production of maize per hectare is expected to be large.

There have been 677 African swine fever outbreaks in 132 locations in eight regions, and so far over 80 000 pigs have been slaughtered. Therefore, domestic cereal consumption will drop sharply, while fodder maize will probably be left in the barn, which automatically results in lower prices. The farmers’ main concern is that they will not be able to export cereals to major pork producing countries. Romania produces over 10 million tonnes of pork per year and exports almost one third of this amount.

Does the Commission believe Romanian maize exports are likely to be restricted, and what recommendations would they make to the Romanian authorities?