The decrease of food production as a result of climate change

According to a study published by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), climate change will have an important impact on food production. Among the effects of climate change are the decrease of the nutritional quality of certain foods due to the fact that the increased content of carbon dioxide in the air (the so-called greenhouse effect) leads to the decrease of the content of zinc, iron and proteins and to the increase of the content of starch and sugar in certain basic cultures, such as wheat and barley. Also, the food production capacity is affected by the absence of water, which is increasingly acute in certain areas of the world. The decrease of the consumption of food products of animal origin could also save quantities of water that would be sufficient for supplying 1.8 billion people worldwide. The increase of inequalities on the planet leads to the enhancement of the negative effects of climate change, which are mainly felt in less developed countries.

What are the measures that the Commission has in mind for the protection of food production across the European Union?