The impact of Brexit on trade in food products

Meat sellers have recorded enormous losses as a result of poor relations between the EU and Britain. The European Livestock and Meat Trading Union (UECBV), an organisation that represents 53 national and regional meat associations in the EU, highlights the need to make a new trade agreement in order to avoid a crisis in this sector.

The depreciation of sterling against the euro has caused significant losses in the sale of food between the EU and Britain. In fact, last year a deficit of EUR 500 million was recorded, in relation to the value of agri-food exports from the EU to Britain. The large food producers, in particular in the meat industry, have already lost a great deal of money, therefore it is necessary to take measures immediately to prevent even greater losses.

In order to avoid a crisis like the one caused by sanctions against Russia, what measures does the Commission recommend for establishing trade agreements that will enable new markets to be identified?