The project regarding intermodal transport between the airport in Cluj and the national company CFR SA

Avram Iancu airport in Cluj-Napoca is the second busiest in terms of passenger flow, after ‘Henri Coandă’ airport in Bucharest, achieving a record of 2.69 million passengers in 2017, about 50% more passengers compared to 2016.

Given the importance of this airport in the North-West region of Romania, as well as maintaining its competitiveness, it is essential to implement the Development Plan for 7 million passengers. To achieve this, the next step to implement the intermodal transport project, which provides for the connection of Cluj airport to Someșeni airport, in collaboration with the National Railway Company (CFR SA).

Being a regional airport and serving dozens of counties, the airport in Cluj-Napoca would have the potential to offer fast connectivity both for passengers and for goods.

Unfortunately, at national level there are not sufficient financial tools to allow the development of this CFR connection project.

Does the Commission have financial tools available to support such a project?