The reduction of cattle slaughtering in specialised centres

According to the data supplied by the National Statistics Institute, 2014 saw an increase in the slaughtering of pigs, sheep, goats and poultry, and a decrease in the slaughtering of cattle in specialised centres. In 2014, cattle slaughtering in specialised industrial facilities decreased by 2.3% compared to the previous year. As a result, cattle meat production also decreased by 0.5%. As regards pig slaughtering, there was an increase of 5.9%, and pig meat production increased by 5.4%. The number of sheep and goats that were slaughtered in specialised industrial centres increased by 46.3% in 2014, and meat production increased by 50.7%. The number of slaughtered poultry grew by 3% and meat production was 4% higher in 2014 compared to 2013. Given the decrease in terms of production and slaughtering of cattle in specialised facilities:

What measures does the Commission propose in order to encourage Romanian farmers to use specialised centres for the slaughtering of animals?