The rise in the number of pigs in the USA could adversely affect the EU pork market

According to data published by the US Department of Agriculture, the number of pigs in the USA is the highest ever recorded. In fact, by 1 September 2017, the total number of pigs in the USA had reached 73.5 million. This significant increase in the number of pigs will lead to a larger amount of pork on the market.

Considering the impact of this increase on the international market, one of the challenges facing the large pork producers is likely to be price. Should the price of American pork rise and consumer demand stagnate, the large American pork producers might decide to sell their products at lower prices on external markets. This could have a serious impact on the competitiveness of pork from the EU on the global market.

To what extent does the Commission consider the rise in the pig population in the USA as a threat to the competitiveness of EU pork production?

If the Commission believes this significant increase in the pig population to be a threat, what measures would it consider to stimulate the competitiveness of EU pork production on the global market?