The Varroa jacobsoni parasite is causing a new beekeeping crisis

Beekeeping is a sector which has been suffering for a very long time. Attention is constantly being drawn to problems which have been persisting for a long time and no effective methods have yet been found to eradicate those problems. A growing number of issues are emerging, which are hindering the work of beekeepers.

The Varroa jacobsoni parasite is the main cause of bee mortality in a part of Romania known as Hunedoara County. Here, the parasite has led to a bee family mortality rate of between 35% and 40%. Unfortunately, in addition to this parasite there have been further problems in terms of exceptionally unfavourable weather conditions during the winter and difficult conditions last year when the bees did not manage to secure enough food supplies for the winter period. Many beekeepers supplemented the food supplies, but still failed to save their bees.

What tools are available to the Commission to reduce the losses suffered by beekeepers?