Vegetable farmers face high losses caused by a relatively new pest

Agricultural crops in the vegetable farming area of Olt county are compromised because of attacks by a lepidopteron, called Tuta absoluta among farmers. Tuta absoluta is a relatively new pest in our country, and its attacks have been reported since 2009. It was spread by import, through cropped tomatoes, and it has rapidly spread to all the vegetable farming areas of the country.

In spite of its small size, this insect is the reason why many tomato crops have been destroyed, causing losses of up to 100%, according to specialists. Therefore, prevention methods to combat this fearful pest are becoming important because, once present in the crops, it is difficult or impossible to fight it. The very high speed at which the larvae destroy the attacked crop and the resilience to many insecticides make Tuta a quarantine pest.

What action can the Commission take to support farmers whose crops have been destroyed by Tuta absoluta pest?