Wild animals — danger to livestock holdings

Romanian farmers rely on the environment, but the market is very challenging and they often do not manage to recoup their investments, moreover too few of them are able to operate at a level where they can gradually develop their farms. In addition to these problems, farmers have to deal with wild animals breaking into their livestock holdings. This year sheep were lost due to attacks on sheep farms by bears, and there was material damage caused by wild animals entering cultivated areas. Since July, in Comarnic in the district of Prahova alone, there have been 19 bear attacks, causing the deaths of over 50 animals and injuring a person.

We must come to the aid of farmers, in particular by protecting them from these wild animals, and protecting their work and livelihood. These attacks have been reported in both orchards and fields. I should add that these attacks are not isolated events, and that they take place in other EU Member States.

What measures can be taken to help farmers in Romania and across the EU to deal with this situation?