Working on farms poses risks that are not properly registered

As in any other sector of the labour market, the farming sector also involves hazards and accidents that may occur when working in the fields, involving the use of machinery, or when handling livestock.

At European level, an analysis is carried out of accidents on farms every year. This is highly important because increasing awareness and recording the type of accidents and incidents that have occurred can help to create a system for preventing farm accidents. Unfortunately, no separate register is kept of accidents in the farming sector in Romania.

An Irish study has shown that working on farms is even more dangerous than working in the construction industry. It is therefore vital to launch a procedure through which all farm-related accidents can be recorded separately, with a view to setting up a scheme to prevent farm accidents.

What instruments does the Commission have at its disposal with a view to setting up a scheme for recording accidents in the agricultural sector, as a basis for launching a project to prevent farm accidents?