Alarmingly high deficit in food product trade

Romania has recorded a deficit of EUR 853.9 million in agro-food products, up 53% from 2016, when it reported EUR 557.4 million, according to data provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Romania’s imports totalled EUR 7.1 billion, with a significant share of value added products.

In the classification of imported products, pork ranks first (EUR 475 million), followed by milk and dairy products (EUR 314 million), exotic fruit (EUR 400 million), coffee (EUR 200 million) and chocolate (EUR 245 million).

As regards the trade balance, Romania’s exports have doubled in terms of quantity, especially raw materials. In Romania, the trend is to export significant quantities of raw materials at ridiculously low prices and to import finished products at higher prices.

What tools does the Commission have to discourage the export of raw materials from Romania?