Pesticide mixes used in the production of apples contaminate the soil and waters in Europe, with 13 different types of pesticides being found in one single sample. Seven of the pesticides found are not currently approved at European Union level, but they can be used subject to special authorisations obtained by the Member States. The Greenpeace Report entitled ‘The Bitter Taste of Europe’s Apple Production and how Ecological Solutions can Bloom’ includes test results for 85 samples of soil and water from 12 European countries. Two thirds of the water and soil samples tested contained pesticide residues, and 70% of the pesticides identified are highly toxic for humans and animals. The report also proves how practical the organic apple production is, as it does not contaminate the water and the soil, and illustrates how organic agriculture methods can be applied successfully.

Is the Commission ready to support the innovative solutions for the development of agriculture?

Does the Commission plan to allocate higher grants for organic farms and sustainable agricultural practices, thus helping farmers protect the soil and the water?