Trees are illegally logged, and the stolen wood is chopped in the middle of the forest.

The National Park of Rodnei Mountains is in the centre of a new scandal due to the illegal logging actions which have been detected.

All these illegal logging actions, which have been recorded by cameras, have taken place in Valea Lala, where 92 trees have been illegally logged. Maramureș and Bistrița Năsăud are two counties in the North of the country where forests are mercilessly and illegally logged in the Rodnei Mountains National Park, by a method which is beyond that of all the wood thefts made so far. Trees are illegally logged and turned into sawdust, so that they are lost track of.

The forestry mowing machine is used to clear the forest of the usual scrap wood which is left after logging. Why sawdust? Because, in accordance with legal requirements, a truck full of sawdust does not have to be reported on the SUMAL platform if it comes from a‐timber warehouse, only if it comes from the forest.

Representatives of the Rodnei Mountains National Park insist that most of the illegal logging actions take place in the part of the park which belongs to Bistrița Năsăud, while in Maramureș, illegal logging actions have significantly decreased compared to previous years.

What solutions does the Commission propose to reduce illegal logging in Member States?