Discrimination against Romanians in Austria

The intention of the Austrian Government to reduce the allowance for the children of Romanians working in Austria is a flagrant breach of the principle of non-discrimination of citizens from other Member States, which is one of the guiding principles of the European Union. As such, Romanian officials have the duty to publicly state that they will use the EU veto in order to prevent any kind of modifications of the rights offered to Romanians at the time of the country’s accession to the European Union. For example, in Austria, Romanian nationals who benefit from children’s allowance are in fifth place among non-Austrian EU citizens (Hungarian nationals receive 5.9 times more, Slovakian nationals receive 4.3 times more, Polish nationals receive 2.8 times more and Slovenians receive 1.18 times more). Although the number of Romanian nationals in Austria (30 000 — 60 000) is higher than the number of Slovenian nationals (over 14 000), children’s allowances for Romanian children amount to EUR 11 million, while children’s allowances for Slovenian children amount to EUR 13 million.

How does the Commission see Austria’s initiative and what are the measures that the Commission proposes with a view to the observance of the functional and guiding principles of the European Union?