Expropriations for the expansion of lignite strip mines

Environmental organisations in Romania express their worry regarding the negative and irreparable effects that the draft Government Decision on the initiative to allocate EUR 3.3 million from the State budget to Complexul Energetic Oltenia (Oltenia Energy Complex — CEO) — for expropriations required for the expansion of the lignite strip mine at Jilț Nord, Gorj County — might have on the environment. Also, the organisations active in the field of environmental protection request an analysis of the said situation from the Competition Council.

The hundreds of hectares considered for expropriation include forest areas, whose deforestation will have a significant negative impact on the environment. Moreover, the reason for these deforestations will be the extraction of coal, which is the fuel with the highest contribution to the greenhouse effect that determines climate change.

What is the point of view adopted by the Commission regarding the fact that the financial support offered by the State to a company is contrary to the EU completion rules?

What recommendations can the Commission make to the Romanian authorities, so that they prevent the disastrous effects that the expansion of the lignite strip mine is likely to have on the environment?